Should Your Business Adopt a Social Media Policy?

Many businesses can use social media as a valuable tool.  Social media helps to create and communicate a “brand personality”.  Social media can also help generate new clients and business connections.

When using social media to advance business goals, employees serve as an asset because they know your products and/or services better than anyone else.  You want to take advantage of your employees’ experience and knowledge, but at the same time, you need to set rules and boundaries governing the use of social media.

Consider the following:

  •  Who manages your social media?  It is best to have one person managing the use of social media, governing what gets posted and when.
  • Are employees allowed to visit or communicate on personal social media sites during work hours?
  • Does the business retain the right to monitor employee personal and business postings?  You should retain the right to monitor any postings made by employees during business hours and any postings made about the business at all times.

It is important to focus on what employees can do rather than what they can’t do.  It is also important to develop a customized social media policy specific to your business and objectives.

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