What Do I Do If I Have a Tax Dispute With the IRS?

That’s going to depend on what type of dispute you have. If the dispute is based on a previously-filed tax return, the first thing I would recommend is to go back to the person who prepared your return. A lot of times if they produced an error that caused the IRS inquiry, they will either do the work for free or at a lower charge to help correct the issue. They may pay the penalties and interest that are imposed.

If you are not able to get the result you want from them, I recommend that you consult a qualified tax professional, either a tax attorney or CPA that is able to help with tax disputes. From that point, the professional can help coordinate with the IRS to resolve the dispute and if there is an amount due, can assist you in trying to resolve that debt either through installment agreements, offering compromise, or get a status determination that the debt is currently uncollectible and what that will do is help prevent IRS levies, IRS liens, and garnishments from your bank accounts and wages.

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