Proactively Acquire Social Media Usernames for Your Business

If you own or start a business, a key marketing channel is social media. Many businesses acquire accounts for the social media platforms they intend to use as the need arises. But, only acquiring usernames and accounts for the services you intend to use may be an incomplete solution. In fact, you should sign up for and acquire all usernames across all social media platforms that you might want to use or may want to protect.

Even if you have a trademark, you may not be protected from third parties using your business’s name as a social media username. If someone else claims your trademark or uses your trademark in a social media setting, your rights may be limited, especially if the person using it does not use it for commercial purposes or in a way that creates confusion about your brand. To protect a company or brand name, as a best practice, you should sign up for as many usernames that could be confused with your brand name as possible on a broad variety of social media platforms.

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