What Are Some Common Risks Involved in a Commercial Property Lease?

When you are renting property for your business you need to start out by asking who is paying for it to be improved. Who’s going to cover that cost so that I’m ready to open my door? Then you have to think about who are your neighbors. If you have a restaurant next to you, you might need to give consideration to what happens if flooding occurs and who is going to be responsible for odors that might come through. You also have to look at parking. Is there sufficient parking for my business? How much parking do my neighbors use? Is one of my neighbors the type of tenant that every Monday night for Monday Night Football they are going to be packed, so I better not plan on having customers show up?

There are a lot of things you need to think about when you are looking at leasing commercial property, but you really have to consider if my business is going to operate here, can it be successful. If the answer to that is yes, everything else can be resolved through good due diligence.

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