Should My Employee Manual Have Facebook or Social Media Policies?

A Video FAQ with M. Thomas Langan II.

The use of social media in the workplace continues to increase. To help protect your business, a good idea may be to adopt social media policies for your company.

The first thing a social media policy should do is define social media. This should include social networking sites, blogs, e-commerce sites, video sharing websites, but also leave the definition open to include future social media platforms.

Second, the policies should follow a general employee code of conduct. Here it should prohibit unlawful conduct, sexual harassment or the disclosure of confidential information on social media platforms.

Third, you should require employees to separate their workplace identity from their personal identity so when employees use social media, they should make it clear when they are representing your company and when they are representing their personal identity.

When drafting these policies, you should make it clear that it shouldn’t be overreaching or in any way hamper certain employee rights. For example, they should not prohibit talking negatively about the company or talking about wages in general as this could implicate several employment laws.

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