Should I Spend the Money to Get a Trademark For My Business?

An Intellectual Property FAQ with Mark A. Williams.

Whether you should buy a trademark for your business really depends on where you do business at. There are federal trademarks and a federal trademark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that gives you rights in all 50 states. You can only get a federal trademark if you actually use your mark in more than one state. So, if you are only doing business in one state, one city, on locality, then you should look at whether you can obtain a state trademark.

The benefits of obtaining trademark protection, either federal or state, is that it makes it easier to stop other people from using your brand, your business name or whatever your mark might be. If you don’t register it, you still do have some level of protection; however, I can honestly say that obtaining a trademark is usually a fairly inexpensive process and the benefits you get from those statutory rights usually far outweigh the cost of obtaining the mark.

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