Do I Have to Collect Taxes for Sales Made Over the Internet?

A Tax FAQ with Mark A. Williams.

If you make a sale over the Internet, generally, if sales tax apply you do have to collect the sales tax. The complication is you might be a business in the state of Nebraska and you might make one sale in the state of Louisiana. If you’re not advertising in that state and you don’t have a business location in that state, generally you wouldn’t be required to collect sales tax there. There is a legal concept called “nexus.” If you don’t have sufficient nexus, you usually don’t have to pay sales tax; however, some states are adopting laws that just require on every sale in that state you do have to pay sales tax. So it’s a very complex set of rules right now that are changing every day because of the growth of the Internet and you need to make sure you have good tax advisers to help you through that process.

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