New Nebraska Tax Credit for Volunteer Emergency Responders

In an effort to aid in the recruiting and retention of volunteer emergency responders, volunteer firefighters, and volunteer rescue squad members, Nebraska passed LB 886, known as the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act. By enacting this law, volunteer first responders are potentially eligible for a $250 refundable tax credit.

To qualify for the tax credit, the volunteer must be an active rescue squad member, active volunteer firefighter, or active emergency responder. To meet the activity requirements, the law uses the point system currently in place, requiring the volunteer to acquire 50 points out of a potential 100 in the given year. These points are awarded based upon the volunteer responding to emergency calls, participating in training, and other similar activities.

The point system will be maintained by each volunteer department, which will annually certify a list of volunteers meeting the points threshold to the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Starting with the second year that a volunteer is certified on the list, the volunteer can claim the $250 refundable tax credit.

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